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What is SB Computer Services?

We are a one-stop-shop for your computer needs. Whether it be a website that needs to be built to setting up hardware in your office. We do it all. Not only do we offer these services cheaply and easily, but we also do our work on-site. If you need a skilled IT professional at your business taking care of any issue you need, you got it - and for cheap. We have monthly plans available for continuous services or just a one-time plan. Whatever suites your needs, we take care of you with a smile on our face.

Who runs the company?

Sebastian Blumberg, Founder of SB Computer ServicesI'm happy to answer that for you. My name is Sebastian Blumberg and I am the founder and CEO of SB Computer Services. Ever since I was 12 years old I had a huge desire to learn everything their was about computers, and at the same time had a heavy entreprenurial spirit. I noticed a lot of companies out there have web and IT services, but for some reason none of them seemed to offer an in-house consultation or services. This seemed strange to me as I enjoy a hands-on approach in meeting my customers.
So I had an idea to bring a service people would enjoy. A hands on approach vs. taking a computer hostage for a couple weeks or neglecting basic business needs for a great website.

Computer Repair

Your computer is your baby. You don't want to give it up. Like me, I can't live without my computer. What happens if your computer goes down? Ouch! Now you have to go without a computer for a few weeks and spend hundreds of dollars just for an IT guy to look at it! That's okay though, we can take care of your computer. Is it late where you are right now? Don't fret! We'll send out a technician to take care of you onsite! If possible, we may even be able to fix it over the phone! Our desire at the company is making sure your computer is working optimally as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Graphic Design

Disconnected with your graphic designer? Are they reluctant to meeting you for a hands-on approach to what you desire? Do they just tell you to send an email? No problem! We can set up an appointment and we'll meet face to face for your business marketing needs! We do our own custom art work. We have capable artists working for you and our expectations of proper communication between the client and the designer are high.

Web Design

Web designs can come up into the thousands making it difficult or impossible to set up an affordable website. Well we do websites as low as $500! Whether you're a huge company needing a 2000 page e-commerce site to a simple 5 page website with a contact link, we are here to fill your web expectations at affordable pricing as well as monthly maintenance plans!