In The Land of Niseb
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-- Barclay
-- Human
-- Male


Age: 15 cert

--  Squire
--TTB: Great Knight of Arcanus


Known Languages:
-- Common (Read common)



-- Longsword of Fighters (40L)(n)(+7 phys dam)
-- Roundshield of Magiian Prophecy (65L)(n)(+7 magus def)
-- Helmet of Lordes (65L)(n)(+7 phys dam)
-- Gorget of Magiian Prophecy (65L)(s)(+7 magus def)
-- Cloak of Defenders (n)(65L)(+7 phys def)
-- Shirt of Mercantilism(n)(legendary)(when wearing the shirt, get 10% better prices on items buying or selling)
-- Pauldrons of the Defender (65L)(n)(+7 phys def)
-- Belt of Defenders (n)(65L)(+7 phys def)
-- Bracers of Magiian Prophecy (65L)(s)(+7 magus def)
-- Gauntlets of Barbaranism (65L)(n)(+7 phys dam)
-- Ring of Resistors (t)(65L)(+7 magus def)
-- Ring of Fighters (t)(65L)(+7 phys dam)
-- Earring of Might (t)(65L)(+7 phys dam)
-- Earring of Magiian Blessing (t)(65L)(+7 magus def)
-- Platelegs of Magus Protection (65L)(b)(+7 magus def)
-- Sabatons of Shields(boots)(65L)(n)(+7 phys def)
-- Chain of Swords (accessory)(65L)(s)(+7 phys dam)

	phys dam: 42
	phys def: 28
	mag def: 42

	Persuasion (persuade a person to see your side, once per encounter with npc on a particular topic, cannot be used to reduce prices)
	Stealth (become stealthy and avoid being seen. if in plain sight where someone would normally see you, 1/2ch. to be seen, and if successful, avoid being seen)
	Intimidation (intimidate NPC into fearing your presence. 1/2ch per encounter, if successful, they will fear/listen, but if not, they will be unimpressed and have a poor disposition)
	Charming Presence (1/2ch)(possibility that the npc would like you more)
	Dignified Presense(1/2ch)(possibility of being seen as a dignified leader of some import)
	Slight of Hand (1/2ch)(pickpocket someone if next to them without being caught can try once per node. If failed, player is not caught but is unsuccessful)
	Assess local prices (takes time to find out one material in town would sell for higher price in other town. Must be on a quest that goes to a different town to find it.)
	Investor (invest money into a business and 1/2ch. to make 15% in 8 nodes, if on a ship, one travel is one node, if unsuccessful loss of 5%)
	Savior of Parsan (Any port connected to Parsan is free 1st class ticket)
	Stand Merchant (be able to set up a stand. Can sell items useful to adventurers with a makeshift stand at selling items at full price. 1/2ch. per day to sell 1 item, can roll for each item)
	Trader (increase/decrease trade prices by 15%, cannot stack with other skills manipulating price other than Stand Merchant)
	Barter(1/2ch)(barter with npc for a better price on all items in the interaction ½ chance, can try once per npc)
	Aura of Arcane Defense (the power of arcanus starts to glow around you in a dark tint, can enchant pieces of armor for a +2 phys def up to a max of 14. Does not stack with other skills)
Attack Skills:
	Death Aura (10m)(enchant self with aura, if player hits successfully, 7 arcane damage for next 2 hits)
	Feint n’ Strike(attack foe dealing 40d ignoring armor)
	Double strike (strike foe dealing 15d. then 14d.)
	Charge (move 10 blocks (can go in any direction and change directions) and bash into opponent with shield dealing 15d. if hit 1/2ch. to block.)
	Death Blow (attack foe with sword dealing 15d. if hit, cause foe to be cursed with arcane blight dealing 10d. per foe turn for 2trn)
	Parry (move attack out of the way and attack back dealing 22d. doesn't require enemy to attack, counts as an attack)
	Flash of darkness (20m)(hold hand out at foe if foe is 1-2 blocks away, if hit, foe is blinded - cannot see for next 1 action)
	Shield of Darkness (1trn)(20m)(10 magic defense or 10 physical defence shield, cannot use both, have for 3trn)
	Bam Bam (deal 30d., if hit, 1/2ch. rendering target immobile for 1trn)
	Cage of Darkness(20m)(Punch target dealing 20 arcane damage, target cannot move out of 3x3 square till the beginning of their turn)
	Boneflesh(35m)(Give self "Heal for damage dealt for next 2 hits up to 35h. may go above health cap for temporary HP")
Item (10):(4.3)
	Shirra Stone(t)(H)
	Shirra Stone(t)(M)
	Shirra Stone(t)(R)
	Water Skin(s)(5L)(can fill with fluid) (currently full of water)
	Cuirass of Lordes (65L)(b)(+7 phys def)

Merchant's Caravan (200):(8.1:200) (2 birdard in tow (2k each))
	Belt of the Fighter (n)(55L)(+5 physical damage)
	Leggings of Magus Defense (b)(60L)(+6 magus defense)
	Necklace of Arcanus defensus (t)(65L)(7 arcane def)
	Curiass of the Defender (b)(65L)(+7 phys def)
Money Bag:
L: 79
K: 35