In The Land of Niseb
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-- Boulder
-- Birdkhan
-- Male


-- Dark Magus
--TTB: High Elemental Dark Magus



Known Languages:
-- Common



-- Boulder Manaslon (n)(1.2k)(+10 physical attack)(-10 Mana cost)
-- Boulder Doren (n)(80L)(+12 physical attack)(+12 fire defense)
-- Helm of Mermaids (n)(1.5K)(+12 phys def)(+12 water def)
-- Necklace of Might (t)(1.2k)(+10 physical defense)(+10 physical attack)
--Cape of Flames (b)(legendary)(negate fire damage)
-- Robe of Warriors (b)(1.5K)(+12 phys attack)(+12 phys def)
-- Pauldrons of the Light Bearer(n)(1.5K)(+12 phys def)(+12 light damage)
-- Belt of Mermaids Demise (n)(1.5K)(+12 phys def)(+12 water defense)
-- Bracers of Great Defense (1.5K)(n)(+12 magus def)(+12 physical defense)
-- Gloves of Swamp Magicks (n)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(+12 poison damage)
-- Ring of the Giant(t)(1.2k)(+10 Physical Attack)(+10 Physical Defense)
-- Ring of Haste (t)(legendary)(haste +1, get 1 extra move in turn order)
-- Earring of the Fire Dragon(t)(1.2k)(+10 Magus Defense)(-10 Mana Cost)
-- Earring of the Fire Dragon(t)(1.2k)(+10 Magus Defense)(-10 Mana Cost)
-- Leggings of Blizzan Magicks (n)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(+12 blizzard defense)
-- Boots of Mighty Fighters (1.2k)(n)(+11 physical attack)(+11 life drain(only life drains buff effect not full damage))
-- Chain of Magicks (accessory)(n)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(+12 arcane damage)


	Gemfinder (once per node, look around in rocks and hit the rock breaking it, find a rough gem)
	Savior of Parsan (Any port connected to Parsan is free 1st class ticket)
	Craggy Mass (reinforce personal armor pieces +1 physical defense up to 5 pieces. Does not stack. Adds a rocky aesthetic. Only useable on physical defense and cannot go above variants)
	Offensive Bulk (reinforce personal armor pieces +1 physical attack up to 5 pieces. Does not stack. Adds a rocky aesthetic. Only useable on physical attack and cannot go above variants)
	Friend of Rocks (create up to 2 rocks that covers a 5x5ft. before combat)
	Jeweler (May make equippable Rings and Earrings out of gems, need to use 1 gem and 10 lichen (or gold) to make one piece, can only make within variants.)
	Momentary Levitation (Float above the ground 2ft for up to 5 blocks. Afterwords fall back down.)
	Entomb (Create a well heated or cooled tomb of stone at night, allowing caster to be well rested.)
	Orbit (Weapons float next to Boulder, allowing his hands to be free.)
	Bold Procession (A procession of small rocks follows Boulder, getting rid of tracks.)
	Rock Distraction(cause rocks within 20ft even if not visible to move, which has 1/2ch of being heard and distracting people who do not know you are there)
	Hard Bargain(-20% price on gemstones purchased rough)
	Gemcutter(Can polish rough gemstones to increase price by 10L)
	Upon the Wind(Send message on the wind, telling a specific party member the location of the party.)
	Full Sail(Blow wind into the sail of a ship, making it travel faster. 1/2ch. for a captain to realize that the boat is going faster and that self is causing it.  If successful, they will want to give first class entry for the assistance)
	Bold Disciplines(Teach Birdkhan Rock Ability(if able), And teach them about Boldism; Boulder's incoherent schizophrenic religion.)	
	Molder(Move up to a 5x5x5ft cube of earth or stone with mind up to 10mph)
	Pressience of the rocks (1/2ch)(The rocks speak to you, and you speak to the rocks. The rocks have seen all, and will tell you where shops are but only once per node)
	Walking Compass (Always knows the direction of true north.)
Attack Skills:
	--NOTE. attack skills that make rocks, if placed ontop of things that can "put out" such as fire are negated--
	Rock (5m)(cast boulder ontop of head of foe, boulder falls dealing 5d, if in 1 block vicinity of boulder falling -2 physical damage due to tremor.  If hit on head, tremor does not happen, but foe is moved to position next to rock at players discretion)
	Animate Rocks (60m)(Create a 12 rocks that blocks a space in combat, does not deal damage)
	Animate Rock Wall (60m)(create a solid rock 6 separate rocks in a straight line, if foe is hit 60d physical, they are moved to the position away at the foe's desire.)
	Bold Expansion(30m)(1trn)(Summon 9 rocks in a block)
	Jaunt (10m)(Switch places with target rock)
	Oil of the Air(50m)(Throw oil at foes in cone at 1,3,5, then 7 blocks north south east or west, self gets covered in oil as well. If covered in oil, foe and self will take 20 additional fire damage if a fire spell gets applied. Debuff: If hit with fire, 20d fire addl.)
	Avalanche(35m)(1trn)(Move target rocks up to 5 spaces in a direction. All enemies hit by rock take 35 physical damage. Cannot be countered.) 
	Meteor(60m)(Rock falls from above, landing on target doing 32 physical damage to target, then 30 physical damage in 1 block radius, creates a rock in place, foe is moved at foe's discretion)
	Marauder's Malice(1trn)(25m)(Set eyes on fire and spin small stones quickly around caster, intimidating foes into choosing different target if able.)
	Industry! (1trn)(45m)(All rocks on the map start producing fire and steam inside of them, which vents out of the top 15ft, blocking line of sight. After the battle, 1/4 chance to find a Gemstone out of each rock up to 16 rocks)
	Aquifer(47m)(Deal 47 water damage by rupturing the aquifer in a nearby rock, destroying it and unleashing a gout of steam at foe. Water damage is increased proportional to the amount of physical damage that would be added.)
	Ragnarok(40m)(stream of lava pops open and shoots out a fireball toward foe, deal 40 fire damage to target, removing the closest rock to them from the map in the process. Fire damage is increased proportional to the amount of physical damage that would be added.)
	Rock Flowers (1trn)(45m)(Enchant up to 6 boulders. Boulders grow flowers on-top of rocks.  On the beginning of foe's turn, if next to flower, takes 8d poison.  Flowers (1 at a time) can be destroyed with 1 action.)
	Shift Under Foot(45m)(1trn)(No counter)(Choose target. Move them up to 10 spaces in a direction if they are on the ground, dealing 45d physical if they collide with something. Any rock flowers that they are moved nearby bite down, dealing their damage to the victim immediately.)
	Living Comet(45m)(Light self on fire, on your turn, dealing 45 fire damage to all enemies within 3 spaces and self for 3 turns. Fire damage is increased proportional to the amount of physical damage that would be added)
	They Spread!?(1trn)(50m)(Each Rock Flower spreads two more rock flowers to the nearest rocks unoccupied by Rock Flowers.)
	Shifting Sand(1trn)(50m)(Create a 3x3 square in combat and choose north, east, south, or west. When a character moves onto a space effected by Shifting Sand and has movement left, they no longer continue in the direction they were originally going. Instead, they continue in the direction you specified for the remainder of their movement. If they start their turn in the shifting sand, they must go their whole movement in the direction of the sand's choosing.)
	Kidney Stones(50m)(Throw orb at foe, deal 30 physical damage to target. They now take 25 extra damage from poison attacks for 3 turns.)
	Fertilizer(65m)(Summon 4 rocks with Rockflowers on them, cannot target a creature, only place)
	Flak Cannon(65m)(Deal 65 damage to target foe physical, if target is above ground, they impact the ground, dealing 65 damage physical.)
Rune Infused Bag (25)(5.2)
	Shirra Stone(t)(H)
	Shirra Stone(t)(M)
	Shirra Stone(t)(R)
	Letter from King Reret (King of Mystonia) to Saviors of Parsan(t)(0L)
		"Go Saviors of Parsan. Find the tribe of blood. They will have your answer to the elusive Dragon tribe, those who none yet know, other than other unscrupulous characters.  There they will tell you where they are, and you can find them directly west of the Elf Totema temple along the line of the jungle. There they should be worshipping, and should not attack you on sight, lest you disrespect them. Do not do so, for they are some of the only types who would know the location of the Dragon tribe. Be careful, they have power to magicks most do not understand."
	Worthless Rock(0L)(s)-2
	Polished Miscellaneous Gemstone (t)(45L)-4
	Shirt of Mercantile (legendary)(n)(10% better prices buying or selling, but only 1 per node)
	Nozzle Twisted Telescope (90L)(s)(Be able to see much further if looking through, if a roll is initiated and you fail a roll on checking if you can see, reroll for a potential success)
Merchant's Caravan (22.1:200)(2 birdard - Barclay and Jackswich)
	Boulder Appalachius (n)(1k)(+8 physical attack)
	Parasol Blade of fire damage (b)(55L)(+11 fire damage)
	Heavy Boots of healing (n)(1.1K)(+11 healing)(+10 fire damage)
	Well of Mana Cape (n)(1K)(-11 mana cost)(+10 fire damage)
	Ring of magus damage (t)(1.2K)(+11 magus damage)(+11 water defense)
	Javelin of water defense (n)(1.2K)(+11 water defense)(+11 physical damage)
	Talons (Boots) of Attack(1.2k)(n)(+10 Physical Attack)
	Ice Core Fragments (t)(40L)-20
	Light Legs of the Blood Lord (b)(1.5k)(+12 blood damage)(+12 physical defense)
	Furred Leather Belt (n)(1.5k)(+12 blizzard damage)(+12 water damage)
	Booties of fire damage (n)(60L)(+6 fire damage) 
	Blade of Woe (b)(90L)(+14 light damage)(+14 summoning defense)
	Ring of Angels (t)(1.9K)(-14 mana cost)(+14 water damage)
	Heavy Gloves of Glaciesa (n)(1.4k)(+12 blizzard defense)(+12 light defense)
Money Bag:
L: 5
K: 18