In The Land of Niseb
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-- Loto
-- Unpossessed Demon
-- Male

-- 9

-- Great Fighter of Hammer        
--TTB: Great Fighter of Hammer

Age: 2


Known Languages:
-- Common
-- Toteman Speak
-- Toteman Writing



-- Garudo Rune Hammer (g)(4K)(+32 phys. attack)
-- Rune Grapple (n)(3k)(1/2ch)(grapple foe pulling them over to you if successful)
-- Draugon Helmet (n)(6.2K)(+32 phys attack)
-- Necklace of Health (s)(6.2K)(+32h if healed)
-- Draugon Cuirass (b)(6.2K)(+32 phys def.)
-- Draugon Pauldrons (n)(6.2K)(+32 magus def.)
-- Draugon Belt (n)(6.2K)(+32 phys attack)
-- Draugon Bracers (n)(6.2k)(+32 phys def.)
-- Draugon Gloves (n)(6.2K)(+32 magus def.)
-- Earring of Resurrection (t)(legendary)(Resurrect once and only once per combat)
-- Ring of Defense (t)(+32 phys. defense)
-- Ring of Strength(t)(6.2K)(+32 phys. attack)
-- Haste Earring(t)(legendary)(add 1 position in turn order, does not stack)
-- Draugon Leggings (b)(6.2K)(+32 phys attack)
-- Draugon Leggings (b)(6.2K)(+32 phys def)
-- Amulet of Shirra (accessory)(s)(6.2K)(+32 magus def)



Attack Skills:
Swipe (swipe hammer at foe, if hit 175d. and is knocked down)
Choke (1/2ch)(must perform action before 1/2ch., if successful, grip foe's neck dealing 175d. and is grappled. Must use action to go free 1/2ch)
Hellfire (1trn)(command the plane of flames to strength, next attack is +170d magus, if no magus damage is dealt, it is 170 magus damage)
Chuck (1trn)(if next to player, throw friend at foe dealing 175d. throwing friend at foe. cannot be countered)
Roar (1/2ch)(roar at foe, if hit with roar, roll 1/2ch.  If hit after roll, foe is paralyzed for next action in fear)
Great Rage (1trn)(next 3 turns +100d phys., after 3 trn are over, pass out at the end and can only be awaken back after taking damage)
Earth Strike (if on ground, strike ground with hammer to make crack in ground 5 blocks forward. first foe hit can counter -175d, other foes affected cannot counter and take 100d.) 
Ram (Ram into an opponent using horns, running forward up to 10 blocks allowing free range, if hit foe, 175d. physical)
Flying sidekick (jump in air and attack foe with right leg dealing 175d. phys.)
Throw (1/2ch)(if next to foe, grip onto opponent and throw them at the nearest wall, if wall is within 3 blocks, foe hits wall taking 175d. physical, is stunned for 1trn)
Throwing combo (1trn)(if foe is slammed at the nearest wall from Throw, throw hammer at foe dealing 175d. physical, cannot be countered)
Red Hands (1trn)(Next turn is additional +100d. if punching with fists)
Crater Strike(1trn)(no counter)(Strike foe dealing 170d., creates crater 3x3 in the ground requiring an action to climb down in addition to move, if no additional action taken, 1/2ch. to fall in crater and land in the middle fallen)
Claw length (1trn)(length of claws increase, is stackable, if using fists, +100d for next 2trn)
Jumping strike (jump into the air and slam down with horns dealing 175d. on foe)
Kick-slap (slap foe dealing 75d. then kick foe dealing 100d.)
Grapple-Trip (1/2ch)(use grapple, if grappled, trip foe onto ground, must spend 1 action getting back up dealing 175d)
Wind Wave (strike in horizontal strike dealing 175d. to primary foe, 100d. to foes within a cone of 1, then 2, then 3 blocks, north/west/south/or east.  primary foe can counter)
Defense Up (1trn)(increase defense for 3trn +55 physical/magus defense)
2x Strike (strike foe dealing 85d., then 85d.)
Quake (1/2ch)(stomp foot on ground, if foe is hit, takes 175d.  If hit roll 1/2ch., enemy falls and must spend an action getting back up)
3x Strike (strike foe dealing 60d. then 55d. then 55d.)

Human Escorter Caravan (163:300)(2 birdard named Tits and Shits ):
Rations(s)(1.7K)(food and water combined)-53
Ogre Bones (n)(1.7K)-55

Rune Infused Bag (25):(4.4)
Shirra Stone(t)(H)
Shirra Stone(t)(H)
Shirra Stone(t)(R)
Great Bird Feathers(t)(1.7K)-2
Fire Bird Meat(s)-2
Fishing supplies(s)(1.7K)(Can fish for food if there is nearby water)

Money Bag:
L: 2
K: 40
M: 11
B: 5