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-- Nutton
-- Animal Sapien
-- Male


-- Light Magus
--TTB: High Light Magus



Known Languages:
-- Common (Writing)



-- Cane of May-she-i(b)(80L)(+12 healing)(+12 magus defense)
-- Tome of Healers(s)(1.5K)(+12 healing)(-12 mana cost)
-- Shiekra's Priest Hood(n)(1.5K)(+12 healing)(+12 blizzard damage)
-- Summoners Healing Necklace (s)(1.5K)(+12 healing)(+12 summoning damage)
-- Cloak of Great Magis (n)(1.5K)(+11 magus def)(+11 thunder damage)
-- Furred Robe of Magiian Prophecy (n)(1.5K)(+12 magus defense)(+12 blizzard defense)
-- Pauldrons of the Defender (n)(1.5K)(+11 phys def)(-11 mana cost)
-- Summoners Belt (n)(1.5K)(+12 healing)(+12 summoning defense)
-- Furred Bracers of Iron (n)(1.5K)(+12 phys def)(+12 blizzard defense)
-- Gloves of Mighty Defenders(n)(1.5K)(+12 phys def)(+12 blood def)
-- Ring of Blighted Mana (1.5K)(t)(-12 mana cost)(+12 blizzard defense)
-- Ring of Haste(t)(legendary)(+1 turn order)
-- Earring of Majick Death (t)(1.5K)(-12 mana cost per spell)(+12 magus damage)
-- Earring of Majick Death (t)(1.5K)(-12 mana cost per spell)(+12 magus damage)
-- Leggings of Light (b)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(+12 light defense)
-- Boots of Magus Blight (n)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(+12 arcane defense)
-- Ribbon of Mana Wealth (accessory)(s)(1.5K)(+12 magus def)(-12 mana cost)


	Water Conjuring (conjure water out of combat that is drinkable)
	Small Animal Capture (capture animal 1/2ch per node (can do once inside a town/city), if successful catch one small animal worth 3 raw meat)
	Savior of Parsan (Any port connected to Parsan is free 1st class ticket)
	Light Orb (make an orb of light to light up the way in darkness that follows you)
	Conjuring Mana of the May-she-i (create food/water for a group per node)
	Finder of Light (1/2ch)(Light of knowledge pours into your mind, find some sort of information regarding a quest (if on one) investigating around, can be very vague or specific, can only do once per node)
	Blessing of Lles (1/6ch. per session)(Attempt to pray to the God Lles, who will bless you with great fortune if answered. One custom drop if successful)
	Upon the Wind(Send message on the wind, telling a specific party member the location of the party.)
	Mending Bones (mend broken bones and cure it with your magical powers)
	Lles's embrace (pull out poison out of target with Lles's light)
	Mac Guyver's Engineering (increase the value and possibly the potential of an item if able, can only perform once per session)

Attack Skills:
	Healing Embrace of Shirra (60m)(Heal target ally for 20 health once per the beginning of their turn for their next 4 turns. Target ally has the option to delay the healing effect of this skill to activate at the end of their turn. Maximum of 6 stacks.)
	Mana Orb (45m)(1trn)(tiny ball of mana is created and follows a target ally. at the beginning of ally's turn, +45m for next 3trn, if they are full, it will wait till it can give mana.)
	Might of May-she-i(60m)(Increase ally attack for 3 hits +20 damage, up to 6 stacks max.)
	Defense of Magus Lorde (40m)(Increase ally defense for 2 hits +15 magus defense, up to 6 stacks max.)
	Curaga (34m)(Cure for 34h base spell 1trn)
	Resurrect (1trn)(25m)(Resurrect target for 25h)
	Teleport(43m)(Teleport to target ally, can go adjacent 1 block from ally, anyone in adjacent spot gets healed for 10h, counts as a move)
	Heavenly Wings(30m)(Move ally up to 5 spaces in a direction, ignores hazards in the way up to 15ft.)
	Cleanse(30m)(1trn)(Clear all status effects, such as movement limiters, bleed, or damage over time from target ally.)
	Prayer for Deliverance(30m)(1trn)(At the start of next turn, summon 3 rays of sunlight that heal for 10hp. Choose a target for each ray separately. May choose the same target for each ray. If an enemy is chosen, deal Lles (light) damage to them equal to the amount that would be healed. No counter unless only targeting 1 foe)
	Light Bearer (40m)(Place light circle 2x2 in size that lasts 1 turn rotation (when player gets to go again), if player stands in circle, gets healed 20h at the beginning of their turn if inside the circle)
	Deliverance(40m)(summon 1 ray of sunlight that heal for 40hp and choose a target. If an enemy is chosen, deal Lles (light) damage to them equal to the amount that would be healed.)
	Flash of Light (1trn)(35m)(enemies within 3 blocks radius of self loses 1 action, cannot be countered)
	Fist bump (50m)(fist bump adjacent ally, transfer 50m to ally)
	No Umber Saints (50m)(Turn into a being of pure light for 3 turns. Lles damage ignores resistances up to 23)
	The Seraphim Sing(1trn)(50m)(Cherubs fly down from the heavens. If hit, the cherubs will be hit instead of original target. Once the cherub for that enemy is hit it flies away in a flash of light, 1/2ch. foe cannot see for next turn if they have eyes)
	Protecting Cherub(1trn)(50m)(Buff player with protecting cherub that follows player around: if take lethal damage, cherub leaves leaving the player alive)
	Fighting Cherub (1trn)(60m)(Tiny cherub comes from the heavens. give ally/self buff: choose target. Target is dealt 60d physical at end of ally/self turn. Cherub leaves after 2trn)
	Garudo Sword Enchant (1trn)(60m)(Enchant ally/self weapon. Weapon has magical garudo blade attached to it where on hit, foe is dealt 60 damage magus. Ignores magus resistance. Must use base attack for damage to apply. After hit, garudo enchant dissapears)
	[owed attack skill]

Rune Infused Bag (25):(4.7)
	Shirra Stone(t)(H)
	Shirra Stone(t)(M)
	Shirra Stone(t)(R)
	Cooking Supplies (s)(80L)(Create a food ration on your own and cook raw ingredients)
	Sextant-Compass(80L)(t)(Find direction outside of a pathway, also position)
	Sturdy Map of Middle Province (70L)(t)(be able to see location and access to middle province map, map cannot get wet any longer)
	Water Skin(s)(60L)(0:5)(can fill with fluid)
	Demon Runestone (t)(2K)(use demon runestone to identify demons with a piece of the creature)
	Ice Dragon's Tooth of Necromancy(n)(tooth for quest, not of any value)
	Ring of Blooded Majicks (t)(1.5K)(-12 mana cost)(+12 blood defense)

Money Bag: