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(This quest is required for the failure of the Covington Family quest line or if the demon in the end is not defeated)

Given a message from Ducaske in Eben to meet at an Inn: "The Elvish Province"
Meet Ducaske in Eben who wants revenge on the demon Amun-Thaar for killing Erulia Covington
	"Adventurers you and I are both quite dissapointed in our previous adventures and I am glad to see you again, for I have another task for you.  There is more at stake here than Madame Erulia Covington, but rather, others who could become susceptible to the tricks of Amun Thaar, the demon who took Erulia.  Not only this, but my reputation, and yours as well are at stake! We must not let untied rope hang us in the future. Now, onto business.
	I was able to find out what demon you fought, a demon of tricks, a convincing demon, one that is quite sly and sits apart from other demons. He, in his own wit of tongue, is also quite weak on his own.  Of course, this would probably be why he can seem so convincing to others. Nay, Amun Thaar still lives, and is likely sent back to the pit, only to be reborn into a dungeon of some sort, though I yet not know which.
	I venture to say your and my reputation is at stake here, in that Ducaske, legendary Poet Mage does not take kindly to those that deceive through words alone. And so, I have my own deception that would bring endless torment to this demon, and Amun Thaar will not see another light of day again.  You see, normally, when demons are defeated, they dissapear for roughly 2 weeks or so, and are reborn. They receive a small amount of respite from 'the pit' as they call it, through battle with adventurers and are sometimes victorious! But, if they are not victorious, they go back into their pit, and are reborn anew roughly 2 weeks later. It is a sad life for the demons, but they are truly horrible to their core. They would consume dog, child, and babes and cackle as their mothers cry in despair. Do not forget that thought.
	I have here a poem for Amun Thaar, one that needs an writ of merit from the legendary Totema. You likely have seen them before, big, gargantuan creatures that are like statues at guard over precious landscapes and buildings.  They, for a time, fought the demons. So, the Totema would be the ones with the magicks necessary to seal away a demon. But I venture to say we want more than just sealing away. I want to put Amun Thaar in the pit forever, so that Amun Thaar will forever know who you are and who I am. Take this poem, have a Totema enchant it, and with that, I think we can seal away Amun Thaar forever, with luck.
	After it is enchanted, make your way to Bedram and ask for a Demon Sorceress by the name of Achiba, the Proselyte, who will use her divination to find Amun Thaar."
	Ducaske hands you a:
Poem of Banishment(s)(Quest Item)(Reads: "Demon sharp of tongue and guile,
	Who turned brave hearts to fear and bile,
	Your words once cut, but now they cease,
	In this circle, I claim peace.

	Adventurers fell to your dark art,
	But here your lies no longer start.
	Vanish now, leave no trace,
	In this light, you have no place.

	By this circle, pure and bright,
	I reclaim my strength tonight.
	Begone, shadow, heed my plea,
	From your grasp, we are free.")
Currently, there is no Totema in Eben. Players will find out that they can either go to Vuuhkrai or Gann to meet a Totema. It should be suggested that Gann might be a better choice, since Bedram is closer to Gann than Vuuhkrai.

Take boat to Gann costs 30L, 5k for first class. If they take first class they can get a skill.

Port Description:
	 Crafted from the stout timbers of the ancient Gragoran Forest, the piers creak under the weight of merchants and travelers alike, each absorbed in the frenetic activity of loading and unloading sailed vessels. Galleons and sleek, masted ships sway gently at their moorings, their sails fluttering like the wings of mythical beasts. Aromas of exotic spices and the briny tang of the sea mingle in the air, as traders haggle over rare goods and artifacts, and sailors spin tales of distant lands and hidden treasures. Amidst the cacophony, the port remains a place of perpetual motion and mystery, where every creak of wood and rustle of sail whispers secrets of the deep and promises of adventure. There appears to be a ticket booth to your right with a short line prepared to take new ticket requests.
Travelling in the boat:
	You all wake up in the middle of the ocean, no idea where you are, but yet in the morn, you smell the smell of the sea, cooked fish with lime and various unknown ingredients being passed around with water. You find there is a female birdkhan who is holding dozens of food through the food cart. "Fish, lime and corbian wedge, and water, to those awake, and those who need cure of scurvy."

	Gann is a subtle and weathered town in the midst of great humidity. Though, the beaches look inviting with a stunningly long port with a series of ships collecting goods and boxes, immigrants, merchants, farmers, travelers and adventurers alike.  There appears to be a large red archway leading into the town and the wood appears to be lighter in color than what was observed elsewhere.  Looking inward you see the cobblestone paths have long since been weathered and flattened from decades of use. The buildings, though having been thatched together through a brown mold of some kind, offer a quaint charm and a earthy odor to it.
	The city of Vuuhkrai, is one of the largest hustle and bustle of mercantile, religious sects, homes both grandiose and meek.  There exists royalty which enables business to thrive due to philosophy bound in benevolence mixed with philosophic laissez-faire mindset.  Each significant area separated by walls extending near 100 feet from the ground.  Signs and well-paved mosaic-like pathways are abundant throughout many streets, extending outward in a web-like fashion enabling ease of transport through the city.  There you stand, by the famous fountain of Vuuhkrai possessing kings of olde, masters of magicks, and even an unknown to you, yet famous Magi statue standing tall amongst the greats possessing 10 feathers over the necklace proudly.

Speaking to the Totema:
	Must find a totema by asking around, going to a Temple of May-She-I, or a Kingly figure, or guards to find the location of a Totema.  The totema will be still among the outskirts of town, but prior to getting to the totema, a battle in the field.
Barbarians.psd (Fight to test the muster of the players)
	Barbarians want to take some gold, make them an easy iLvl fight based on dm-helper calculation. Fight should have numerous barbarians attempting to take gold through sheer number alone. 8 barbarians.
	27 iLvl for level 3 with 292m
	24 iLvl for other Level 3 with 272m
	15 iLvl for level 2 with 82h
	30 iLvl for level 4 with 
	Barbarian Swordsman - lvl 2 attuned 50h
		6 phys damage
		5 blood damage
		5 phys def
		2x Strike (strike foe dealing 15 damage, then 15 damage physical)
		Barbarian's Might (1trn)(For 3trn, increase phys damage by 9)
		Bleeding Strike (strike foe dealing 15 damage, if hit, -10 damage blood for 3trn)
		Jumping Strike (jump toward foe 2 blocks and slam down dealing 30 damage physical)
	Barbarian Archer - level 3 attuned 110h
		10 phys damage
		7 blood damage
		7 phys def
		Accurate Strike (1trn)(cannot be countered)(Strike foe with arrow dealing 46 damage)
		Sliding strike (counts as a move, slide away 3 blocks and strike back dealing 46 damage with arrow)
		Deflect (if attacked with a ranged attacked, block, if hit anyway, 1/2ch. to deflect the attack preventing damage)
		Barbed Arrow (Strike foe with arrow dealing 20 damage physical, if hit, foe has 1/2ch. to be dealt 20 blood damage for 2trn)
	Barbarian Axeman - Level 4 attuned 150h
		15 phys dam
		15 phys def
		Bashing Strike (strike foe with axe, and if attack is blocked, harm them anyway dealing 54 damage phys)
		Jumping Strike (jump toward foe 2 blocks and slam down dealing 54 damage physical)
		Punch (Punch foe dealing 54 damage, if hit, foe has 1/2ch. to become winded, 1 action lost at the start of their turn)
		Blocking Strike (counts only as a block, block with your axe, then attack back dealing 54 damage physical)
Meeting the Totema:
	You walk across the field and find yourself among an open field witnessing the crimson red flowing magical capes of the desciples of Totema, and at the center, a 15 foot tall behemoth totema that stands perfectly still and resolute among rolling hills and verdant yellow leaves and white flower petals flowing in the wind.  One of the desciples walks over, another Birdkhan (male):
	This Birdkhan will be relatively dismissive with exception to other Birdkhan. 
	"What do you want adventurers? The Totema is at rest at the moment, what business have you of divine authority?"
	The goal of this is for them to get an enchantment, and after being explained why they need the totema's blessing,  the Totema will touch the poem with an enchantment to banishment.
Find Achiba, the Proselyte who will lead to a nearby dungeon, the dungeon of Amun Thaar, who will be dismissed, but prior to information given, a task must be made.
	Achiba is found in the outskirts of the town of Bedram. People will generally not know of her, but certain alchemists and other mages of dark origin might know of the demon sorceress.
Travel to Bedram:
	Entryway to the Alren Swamp

Traveling through the Alren Swamp

Bedram Map:
	You head in and see no entryway or walls protecting the gates, yet, you see more people around you. Two weathered guards guard the main entryway into a house made of descheveled wood. You can see there are others as well, mostly forest imp that appear to come and go around you. You stand on a rocky and muddy pathway that many have tread, including yourselves.

Must go to Achiba the demon sorceress to get to her hovel which is a small area outside of Bedram.
	Achiba the Proselyte
	Achiba's Home
	Description of knocking on the door: You knock on the door and you only hear the bugs of the swamp around you atop this hill free of cloudy confines. After a moment, you hear a rustling from the inside. "Yes? Enchantments?"

Must collect the bones of a Giant Platypus.

Head out into the swamp and find a giant platypus (no nodes required. Achiba will give instructions to where you can find a giant platypus)

Kill giant platypus and hand it to Achiba, the Proselyte.
	Giant Platypus
		.3 poison
		.4 phys def
		.2 magus def
		.1 water dam
		Poison Barbs (Strike foe with poisonous barbs dealing x damage poison, if foe is not within striking distance, strike with ranged barbs dealing y damage poison)
		Slicing Splash (slice the water with duck bill causing shrapnel and water to kick up in a 3x4 range dealing x damage water)
		Slam (slam down on foe dealing x damage physical and cause 1/2ch of being trapped underneath (cannot move unless saved by other player 1/2ch or if giant platypus moves))
		Poison Crush (strike foe slamming down with bill preventing foe from blocking dealing x damage poison)
	Swamp Zombie (drowned/trapped humans long forgotten)

		.2 water damage
		.2 phys damage
		.3 phys def
		.2 magus def
		2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
		Sudden Flurry (unleash a surprising amount of attacks in a flurry moving forward 2 blocks, if foe dodges, foe is hit anyway dealing x damage phys)
		Stare into the abyss (1trn)(Stare off into the abyss increasing phys damage by x for 3trn)
		Water Strike (slice the water striking foe dealing x damage water in a 2x3 wave)

Achiba the Proselyte will reveal the location of the Dungeon of Amun Thaar.
	The dungeon of Amuun Thaar will be located 2 nodes northwest of Gann (west path, 1 node, then 1 node above)
	Potential encounter of the swamp:
		Group of adventurers that console the players for the difficult time they are dealing with through Amun Thaar. They will also speak of the blade of truth's creator, a demon called Veritas, the Demon of Truth. They are an avatar and an archon of truth that has a cult that follows him. Not much is known of the cult, only that they reside north of Isladon of the Northern Dries.
		Name: Zalee
		Race: Male Unpossessed Demon Citizen
		Level: 2
		Name: Nusor
		Race: Animal Sapien female
		Level/Class: 4 TTB Grand Light Ranger
		Name: Rigal (who divines that there is a magic coming from one of them)
		Race: Magi female
		Level/Class: 4 TTB High Elemental Dark Mage
		On Veritas, the Demon of Truth:
			1. Of truth. Only speaks truth.
			2. Demands sacrifice of the entrails of natural-born.
			3. Protects the "Truth Seers" of the Northern Dries.
				(tribe that worships is called the "Truth Seers")
			4. Wields a death mace since having lost his blade.
			5. Can control those that beckon his power.
The Dungeon of Liars - Amun Thaar: Dungeon of Amun Thaar
	You found yourself walking along swamp and grass, the rocks getting rockier and into full cliffs. The shrubbery mostly gone and leafless. Crows caw in the distance and you can see to your right a small torch with written in Toteman:
		"Dungeon of Liars"
		1. Animated Swords.
			You come across what appears to be a red cross along the floor colored in a red paint, likely a paint and not blood. Around appear to be 6 swords left on the ground.
			(should they approach the swords they will animate and stab the player that attempts to pick up the blade)
			.5 phys dam
			.5 phys def
			Slice and Dice (strike dealing x damage phys, then move forward 2 blocks and strike again dealing y damage phys)
			En Garde (can only be used during counter)(block an attack and quickly strike back dealing x damage)
			Stabbing Strike (Strike forward, if blocked, stabs around a shield dealing x damage phys)
			Flight (move 3 blocks and block next incoming attack)
		2. Rope on the ground
		3. Obsidian sharp rocks, though flat on the top and can easily step over. When they pass #3 they should hear from Amun Thaar: "Ah, well, look what we have here. Adventurers who tried to stop me. Now, I understand how angry you must be after all has been said and done, but you see, I can be a boon for you! So come, come find me in my shackles at the end."
		4. Obsidian rocks that are jagged and jutting out of the ground, you can cut yourself on these rocks.
		5. An old tent, may have a couple of useless items left over by the goblins
		6. Small boar skin tent. Made terribly, only some Lichen inside.
		7. Goblin Group:
			Axe Goblin
			.4 blood damage
			.3 phys damage
			.2 phys def
			Bloody strike (strike foe with axe dealing x damage phys, if hit, y damage blood)
			2x Strike (Strike foe dealing x damage phys , then y damage blood)
			Toss Weapon (Throw weapon at foe dealing x damage within 10 blocks, if weapon is not within 1 block, must spend an action picking up)
			Block and Bash (block attack with axe and prevent the axe from breaking should it break, if a block is successful, attack back dealing x damage blood)
		Sword and Board Goblin
			.3 fire damage
			.4 phys dam
			.4 phys def
			Molotov Cocktail (throw a ball of fire which causes 3x3 area to be engulfed in flame dealing x damage fire)
			Block and slam (block with shield and hit with the shield causing foe to lose one action next turn)
			Stab (stab foe up to 2 blocks away dealing x damage)
			Rock! (Throw rock at foe dealing x damage phys)
		8. Goblin's long tent. Made of boar skin. The inside contains a few candles as well as rocks and a sling shot.
		9. Another Goblin tent. Ruined sleeping bag inside.
		10. Chest, roll item.
		11. Crystal of Amun Thaar. Break to release one of 3 barriers. Upon discovering:
			"Ah yes, you found one the fabled Totemic crystal seals. What a patchwork of a dungeon they've put me in, I mean it is hardly carved. Could you do me a favor and break the seal for me? We can meet sooner rather than later where we can talk deeper in the dungeon."
		12. Phantom of Amun Thaar. "Finally, we can speak. Now. Let us go over what we can do to free me. I can make you very wealthy adventurer you see." 
			The phantom of Amun Thaar wants the adventurers to bring him a natural born. After bringing a natural born, they can abandon this quest entirely and now answer to the Curr Ruins for quests.
			If you strike Amun Thaar's phantom then it immediately disappears and speaks: "Now, that wasn't very nice. Of course it was a phantom though. I can't do anything about it until you find the other seals. How tragic."
		13. Crystal of Amun Thaar. Break to release one upon 3 barriers.
			"Ah another one. Yes, that's what you need to destroy. Come adventurer, we can speak further should you only break it and free me."
		14. Hidden chest. Contains something valueable but the cave is off to the west of the flame and pit, very easy to fall in.
		15. The flaming pit. Fall in to die and lose health/mana.
		16. The blue barrier. It possesses what appears to be some kind of image in the blue barrier.
		17. An exhausted demon portal. It is weak and the paint smeared.
		18. Goblin tent, contains a few Lichen as well as a potential item.
		19. Supplies, food and water rations.
		20. Barrel of beer. Left by from a set of adventurers.
		21. What appears to be a bundle of nails in a barrel.
		22. Exhausted demon portal.
		23. Giant Skeleton
			(lots of health)
			.4 phys damage
			.3 magus def
			.3 phys def
			Blade (2trn)(cannot be countered)(Turn 1: "You see the giant skeleton raising a huge sword above its shoulder". Turn 2: At the beginning of turn 2, deal x damage physical to all enemies within 10 blocks of circle)
			Stabbing Strike (Strike forward a 2x12 block forward dealing x damage physical)
			Laugh (the skeleton laughs and has a 1/2ch. of causing fear for next 1 action. Cannot attack for the first action. if hit, x damage arcane)
			Crushing Strike (Strike forward with a blade onto the ground within 2 blocks of self in a 2x2 block dealing x damage. Foes within 4 blocks have a 1/2ch. to take additional x phys damage)
			Skeleton Swordsman
				.3 phys damage
				.3 phys def
				.2 magus def
				.2 blood def
				2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
				Parrying Strike (block with shield and then move forward 1 block and attack dealing x damage phys)
				Stab (stab forward up to 2 blocks dealing x damage phys)
				Slide (slide away up to 1 block and block with shield)
			24. Sleeping bag
			25. Rocky outcropping roughly about 5 foot tall.
			26. Barrel that has 3 hooks for rope in it.
			27. Rock about 3 foot tall.
			28. Flat obsidian rock.
			29. Stairwell exiting to the outside. It's a separate entry.
			30. The blue barrier. It possesses what appears to be some kind of image in the blue barrier.
			31. 40 foot tall rocky outcropping that is vertical. Need to try to climb up it or find other ways. A rope with a hook might be needed.
			32. Another crystal of Amun Thaar that must be destroyed to access which happens to be protected by a green dragon.
				Amun Thaar speaks: "Ah yes, a crystal to unlock me. it's a shame it appears to be blocked by a green dragon. Well, good luck."
			Green dragon
				.3 phys def
				.3 mag def
				.2 phys damage
				.2 mag damage
				(immune to damage unless you first weaken its scales with thunder damage, thunder deals no damage)
				(immune to poison and grapples)
				Breath of Flame (flame at foe from dragon location, cone 1x3,2x3,3x4 dealing x fire damage)
				Swipe (swipe at foe dealing x damage in 3x4 range dealing x damage)
				Hair (2trn)(cannot be countered)(lower head, at start of next turn, dragon shakes his head around causing razor wire hair to shake and lash at foes within 4 blocks of dragon. If foe is inside 4 blocks of dragon, foe takes x damage physical)
				Bite (bite foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is trapped in mouth of dragon taking y damage, allies must attempt saving foe trapped in mouth, 1/3ch. of saving, if they are not saved, foe is killed at the start of dragon's turn)
				Barrier (cast barrier covering self, if hit with magic hit, damage is reflected back at foe, if damage is physical, -x damage physical)
				Flight (fly toward foe up to 15 blocks and slam down dealing x damage physical trapping foe in place, must spend 1 action freeing self)
			33. 4 red pillars of tribes that had worshipped the dragon that rested Asan Rutan, the Swamp Dragon of the Alren, trapped to protect the crystal by divinity.
			34. expended demon portal
			35. The pit and flame. damage.
			36. Stairs leading outside.
			37. Pillars that maintain players able to see the dragon but at least hidden.
			38. Stairs that lead up to a wall roughly 10 foot tall.
			39. Amun Thaar. Only has 100 health. Can be stopped immediately with the scroll that has been enchanted by totema.
				Amun Thaar - Shadow Demon (immune to arcane)
						.9 arcane damage
						.1 magus def
						Arcanum base spell (stronger than the shadow imps)
						Arcanus Argumentum (1trn)(Increase arcane damage x damage for 3trn)
						Slight(1trn)(if hit, dissapear and reappear within 3 blocks striking foe with a beam of arcane energy dealing x damage arcane)
						Depression (1trn)(Foes within 3 blocks of target location can only move 2 blocks instead of 5)
						Chains (create chains of shadow forcing foe to stay in place for 1trn, can be broken by spending an action breaking it 1/2ch. if unsuccessful, chain breaks at end of turn instead of that action)
			40. Treasure containing a random item.
			41. Broken portion of ruins, nothing in there and can fall if you go further south of the 41 number.
			42. Goblin's sleeping bag. Contains a Vial of water.
			43. Rock roughly 4 foot tall.
			44. Difficult to pass terrain that has a non-zero chance to fall into the flame pit if you are not careful.
			45. The blue barrier. It possesses what appears to be some kind of image in the blue barrier.
			46. Custom drop item
Small dungeon of Amun Thaar where Amun Thaar is stored. Use the poem on Amun Thaar to banish him forever from the Alexandrite.

Quest can be completed by going to any town and writing to Ducaske or meeting him in person. Ducaske will be in Bern.