In The Land of Niseb
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Name: Loo
Race: Male Human Adventurer
Level: 5
Wealth: Wealthy
Profession: Adventurer
Node encounter: Highly wealthy merchant approaches explaining wealth tips.
Potential related noun:  student, help
Party awareness: Unaware, but possibility of becoming aware if astute.

	They like you. You have a higher disposition and will look at you favorably. They will give slightly better prices.
Quest: Gather bank miscellaneous item
	Quick sidequest: "The world is filled with riches, but it is up to you to make it. I've made much wealth in my time, and it appears that I have much more to earn in the future. You just need the knowledge behind you. Think about it, just behind me was a troupe of mages that specialized in fire magicks nought 4 multa away on caravan.  I think to myself, what could they possibly need?
	I knew reagents is a good example, and that there exist interesting reagents throughout the world. You just have to have a keen eye for it.  Take for example that rock out there in the distance."
	He points out a rock that appears darker than the others in the grassy field. it also appears older.
	"It would not surprise me if it had diamonds in there, of which is a valuable reagent, even for mages, it would not surprise me they would pay a premium for such a product.  Hey, lets make a bit of Lichen. Head out there, collect a diamond or a few, and come right back, and lets make some money."
	Afterwords the merchant travels with them to the next node.
Node encounter: Mages of fire travelling. Neutral toward the party.
Potential related noun:  award, investment
Party awareness: Party has advantage, knows what is going on but did not kill anyone.

	Name: Thiper
	Race: Magi male
	Level/Class: 1 TTB Curr Desciple

	Name: Vaba
	Race: Warrior male
	Level/Class: 4 TTB High Arcane Mage

	Name: Aipos
	Race: Magi male
	Level/Class: 2 TTB High monk

	Name: Teminlu
	Race: Elve female
	Level/Class: 1 TTB High Dark Summoner
	Fancy Belt of fire damage (n)(L)(+x fire damage)
	Halberd of blood damage (b)(L)(+x blood damage)
	2 sets of Lichen