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Trolls of Northern Veign
	The city of Vuuhkrai, is one of the largest hustle and bustle of mercantile, religious sects, homes both grandiose and meek.  There exists royalty which enables business to thrive due to philosophy bound in benevolence mixed with philosophic laissez-faire mindset.  Each significant area separated by walls extending near 100 feet from the ground.  Signs and well-paved mosaic-like pathways are abundant throughout many streets, extending outward in a web-like fashion enabling ease of transport through the city.  There you stand, by the famous fountain of Vuuhkrai possessing kings of olde, masters of magicks, and even an unknown to you, yet famous Magi statue standing tall amongst the greats possessing 10 feathers over the necklace proudly.
	You would either find this quest by checking the quest board, a bartender, or a person who might know "Rishi" the scholar, Vuuhkrai Commons College.
	You find a local female warrior scholar carrying books, giant framed glasses with an hinge along the middle. (disposition is neutral, inquisitive)
	Needs artifacts from trolls which are located north.  One is a teeth necklace, and evidence of writing of something.  
	"Greetings adventurers! I am Rishi of-the Vuuhkrai Commons College! I must say, I have been spending a great deal of time studying..." -she sets her heavy books down beside her and then adjusts her large glasses- "...Been studying various creatures that might be more intelligent, even if they are considered violent, intelligent than one may assume!  I suspect that since they know how to dress, having mannerisms of communication from one to the other, I could easily expect a community! All the signs point to it. I suspect they have something in writing as well! But I have no artifacts showing this, and it is far too dangerous for someone of my like to attempt retrieval.  I don't have a ton of money, but I do have benefactors who would be willing to provide from the college, of course under the assumption that we can get proof somehow!  If they have a piece of wood, or on some sort of parchment, even if the ink is made of dung, or anything at all resembling lettering or communication, they just need evidence of this.  Bring me two items!  One is a necklace of teeth, which would easily indicate a highly advanced culture and social system, concepts of fashion are great indicators of this.  The other would be something containing written communication of any kind. Do you have any questions?"
	Must go north into the mountain and find a cave. (West Valor Ridge)
		Head northward
		along the mountain ridge you find a pathway which has large tracks which look big enough to fit your forearm over.  You can even smell rotting carcasses nearby. (it is a dead birdard mangled and rotting in the ground, you find bones and other animals which are so decomposed they are unrecognizable to an untrained eye)
		Going up the mountain ridge you find yourself atop a mesa where there are trolls.
				(multiple trolls scaled to party)(can have smaller creatures in the event that there is a scaling issue such as goblins/wolves/nico birds)
				Attack skills: 
					Slam (slam at foe with stone mace, if hit, x damage, if dodge, half damage due to tremor)
					Roar (Raise up morale of nearby trolls for next 1 trn increasing damage by x)
					Bam Bam (Strike with mace dealing x damage, then y damage with foot)
					Hewing claws (claw at foe and if hit, x damage, if hit -x damage per turn bleeding)
					Fwee Fwee (Throw fire at foe, if hit -x damage, -x damage per turn fire. Can spend 1 trn to put out flame)
					Block n' Sock (block foe with arm, return block with punch in gut dealing x damage, reducing one action on foe counter)
			No fight: Can be avoided if you sneak around or other methods found by adventurers that seem plausible.
	Go into cave at the end of the mesa, it doesn't go in very deep and can see items needed there.  Must travel back.
	Return to Rishi and receive reward + 1-2 mandatory custom drops
Befriend Beast (find nearby nut, 1/2ch. try to befriend beast smaller than 3ft by 3ft. Feed nut to beast. Beast will distract 1 foe for next turn in combat and then run away)

1 custom drop