In The Land of Niseb
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There was once nothing, and then there was something.  Niseb is the world in between, the plane of the alexandrite, and center stone to The Trine.  On the left, exists the plane of the Ruby where demons and crafters of fire exist, and the plane is held together with assistance of the Lord of Flames.  On the right of the alexandrite, the plane of Winds, and its ruler being the Lord of Winds, creator of beauty, aesthetics, the angels, totema, and spirits.  Their ultimate goal was to increase the splendor of their planes, and with it, allow it to bleed off into the center, the Alexandrite, the world between worlds, the plane of Lands, and to the human tongue, Purgatory.

There creatures appeared in the Alexandrite, and considered it as a plane in between, a plane that would bring judgement and organize creatures that existed in other planes at a time. With the addition of the variety of creatures which existed in past lives, their presense increased the splendor of The Trine.  It was a world of magic, demons, dragons, angels, totema (creatures of divine deliverance to curb the splendor of demons), and adventurers who are intended to be on this plane for an exact amount of time, and those born on the plane to die off and be sent off to either the plane of Winds or the plane of Flames.

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