In The Land of Niseb
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Location: Temple of May-She-I of Vuuhkrai, Town Square.
Priest: Duque, Magi of the Temple of May-she-I, level 2.

Duque: "You have done well adventurers. Perhaps you can be of such use to the church. If you like, we have another task for you, and have not received the census of inmates of a local business here, the Insane Asylum. Would you be willing to go over there and please provide us the census?"

Upon entry of the insane asylum: 
	You open the double doors of the Asylum and find that the candlelight appears to be dim from a chandelier above you. The only other thing seeming to light the way were the tall square windows behind you. The air has dust caked throughout the air appearing as if it hasn't been cleaned in a while. The tile a sickly yellow hue. You smell an irony smell and a musty odor around you and acrid flies buzzing around. You can see there is a dead corpse with caked blood smeared across the floor to your left with couches and papers descheveled and tossed along the front desk. Behind the connected large desk were 3 chairs and more papers and books appearing disorganized. Beyond the chairs, a book case of what appears to be record of various inmates with what you would assume are names. There is nobody at the entrance, save for the single dead body to your left.

Players need to make their way to the insane asylum, upon entry, it is possible they decide to abandon and go seek help.  In this case, they will be led to a kin of the owner of the insane asylum, or a "Mouth to the King of Vuuhkrai"

	Mouth of the king Gamanen, human, level 1, long face and large but thin glasses over their face, a persnickety look along his visage and fancy clothing suitable to be among lords. 
		"Adventurers, I'm afraid we can offer no assistance to you. You see, the guard already have their duties and must be ever vigilant in times of attack. This isn't something that can be addressed, as the killing has already happened. Certainly, you are likely to be rewarded by your quest giver should you find the information you seek."
	Kin of the Insane Asylum, Abban the Tired, human, level 1:
		Abban the Tired would be very sad, but not caring that his brother is likely dead, as he has never given him a Lichen even under his fortune of running the Insane Asylum and his birthright, largely ignored.
		"Dead body in the insane asylum? You need to find my brother, Garran, owner of the insane asylum. I would delve further, as I hardly ever find him not there to begin wtih. You are adventurers right? You could easily handle this task. Welcome to Niseb adventurers, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

--Play the Dungeon Map of the Insane Asylum, references of monsters below--		
When you find the Inierm's Possession:

Upon discovery of Inierm:
	You peer upon a man who looks borderline blind. His face looks tired, wrinkled and weathered. He has dark circles under his eyes and a few missing teeth. His hair appears to have patches of pulled hair and liver spots and a grey-like skin color. He possesses a scowl over his face as he looks forward at you.
	"Adventurers who made it past the guards! Well, isn't that interesting, isn't that interesting friend?"
	He looks to his left to nothing. He appears to be speaking to himself.
	"It's such a shame, though if they resisted, they likely would have died to me and my friend. You don't stand a chance. I only fought them for but a moment, and then decided to join you later Inierm. Ah, yes. Well, it matters not. You will either join my struggle or perish by my hands, you are of no help to me or my struggle to find real knowledge, just like the others."
When they defeat Inierm:
	"You just wanted the census. Then I will ease your suffering. 220 inmates. And, as you could see, dead."
	"15 guards as well. Also, likely all dead, followers included, thanks to you."
	"There is your blood census. Now go, tell the Temple of May-She-I, pathetic adventurers, and keep the knowledge hidden from the common folk, as you are all good at."

	There you find the diary of Inierm the once renowned alchemist, now Inierm of the Insane Asylum, natural born, dead, no longer to be tormented by his inner demons. The book appears to be difficult to read, though perhaps Duque could be of service to reading.
		--if they go back to Duque to read the book, he will tell the story of Inierm of the Insane Asylum in the history section.

A: Giant Rat
	Bite (lunge at foe up to 2 blocks dealing x damage)
	Festering Bite (Bite foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage per turn bleeding for 2trn)
	Scurry (scurry away from foe up to 1 block, then lunge back at foe dealing x damage blood)
	Crawl-on (move up to 3 blocks and attempt to attach yourself to foe, if attached, foe cannot dodge or block attacks until you pull off giant rat)
B: Zombie (1h)
	--Can only receive light damage. Can only move 2 blocks.
	Grapple (1trn)(Cannot be countered)(if within 1 block of foe, gnaw on foe dealing x damage, if hit, roll 1/2ch. for foe to be dismembered and die)
	Tackle (lunge forward at foe up to 2 blocks dealing x damage, if hit, foe is fallen and must spend action to get up)
	Scream (does not target)(Scream, closest foe has 1/2ch. of fear. If feared, foe has 1/2ch. of being too scared to attack on all attacks)
	2x Strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
C: Black Festering Crow
	Flying Strike (fly in the air and strike down at foe dealing x damage phys, stays flying after attack)
	Peck (peck at foe dealing x damage up to 4 blocks away, if flying, lands next to foe)
	Scratch (scratch at foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage bleeding foe next 2trn)
	2x strike (strike at foe dealing x damage phys, then y damage phys)
C: Giant Crow
	Bellow (1trn)(bellow a rumbling caw, frenzying festering crows around you increasing phys damage by x)
	Flight (fly 15 feet in air and hit those within 3 blocks of Giant Crow wind damage)
	Gwah (1trn)(Make "Gwah" sound causing silence for 1trn on all foes within 3 blocks)
	2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
D: Follower
		Great Strike (strike forward dealing x damage phys, attacks out in a wave of earth dealing additional y damage 1x4 blocks either straight or diagonal)
		Chain Strike (attach chain to axe, attack foe up to 5 blocks away, if hit, pull foe within 1 block)
		Punch (punch foe dealing x damage, if hit, 1/2ch. to silence for 1trn)
		Blood Strike (Strike foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage bleeding for 3trn)
		2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
		Slide (slide to the side or forward dealing x damage of those in the way for 3 blocks)
		Blocking Strike (block with shield, then attack back dealing x damage phys)
		Pacifism (1trn)(heal self or ally x health)
		2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage)
		Kicking strike (lunge forward 3 blocks and kick at foe dealing x damage physical, if hit, foe becomes fallen and must spend an action getting up)
		Needles (strike foe with needles taking x damage poison, if hit, y damage poison for 3trn)
		Smokescreen (create smoke in a 3x3 block and reappear 4 blocks away)
E: Corrupt Guard
	Great Shield (block with shield, if hit anyway, -x damage)
	Stab (stab forward up to 3 blocks away with halberd dealing x damage phys)
	Slash (slash in cone of self, 3x2 block in front of Corrupt Guard dealing x damage physical)
	Grapple (1/2ch.)(1trn)(Cannot counter)(grapple foe with chain and pull foe in dealing x damage phys)
F: Inierm's Demon
	Grab (if foe is within one block, grab onto foe keeping them from dodging or blocking, must spend 1 action going free 1/2ch.)
	Arcanara (x damage arcane explosion in a 1x1 block)
	Darkness (attack foe, if foe is hit, foe is inflicted with darkness and cannot see)
	Teeth (strike foe with mouth dealing x arcane damage, if foe is hit, visions of gnashing teeth prevent foe from attacking for next trn 1/2ch.)
	Shield (shield self with magical shield preventing x damage magus)
G: Inierm
	--casts shield at beginning of combat
	--At beginning of turn, the windows glow a color of yellow (thunder), blue (water), teal (blizzard), or red (fire).  Elemental damage increased by double for whatever the effect is that turn for everyone. Changes color randomly on dice roll.
	Magus Shield (1trn)(happens before combat, cannot use in combat)(Summon shield that prevents x damage)
	Dekraan Fira (Fire explosion in a 1x1 block dealing x damage fire)
	Wennd Watera (Water explosion in a 1x1 block dealing x damage water)
	Shiekra Thundara (Thunder explosion in a 1x1 block dealing x damage thunder)
	Jentii Blizzara (Blizzard explosion in a 1x1 block dealing x damage blizzard)