In The Land of Niseb
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Seeking troupe to be able to entertain and keep company of elderly Birdkhan with hefty sensibilities.  Must take boat to Gatin and accompany grandfather.  Inquire for Ghamish, retired merchant in Al-Nuraga residency.

	Race: Female Animal Sapien Citizen
	Level: 3
	Wealth: Wealthy
	Profession: Wheelwright
	Disposition: They are neutral to you. Welcome adventurer. You don't stand out to them and are not seen as a friend.
	You head into the al-nuraga residency. There appears to be a large amount of tiny huts made of sandstone, medium sized homes of decent sensibility and tapestries, and in the distance with walls surrounding, large homes guarded by many.
		Ghamish is in the wealthy area.
		go into the wealthy area, go past 3 houses, take a left, and keep walking till you find her sitting outside on a chair.
Grandfather's name: Ghish-aarg
	Race: Male Birdkhan Citizen
	Level: 1
	Wealth: Wealthy
		wearing 4 rings on each hand. different stones and types. A large golden neck piece with a blue jewel in the center. He wears a blue robe with black embroidery all over it.  a pair of pants that are quite large and black in color and blue flower patterns over it. his pants are very high up and he has a pair of fluffy loafers that look intensly comfortable.
	Profession: Stonemason
	Disposition: Crotchety old man, must be very cynical and messes with people.
	3 days journey
		meeting the old man and talking with him. very insulting. mean.
	Writ of Honor -- King of Gatin
	"King of Al-Nuraga, his greatest majesty, with power of might and province, give express permission for this peasent, to leave Al-nuraga, and meet the King of Gatin in an express writ of honor.  We have grown increasingly concerned (crossed out) excited to present this valuable adventurer for use in your town.  This gives express permission to meet the king directly. Signed, your good friend, Gaan, King of Al-Nuraga :^)"
	"so uhh, good thing is I didn't hear anything from you last night. thank goodness. I'm a light sleeper but I'm glad you are lighter in the sack."
	"lets have a joke."
	"lets have a story."
	"hold on I have exact change."
	(put on a 2 minute timer)
	-takes a nap in middle of story-
	"back in my day, we used to have to take rocks just like that, and make it into something useful, like a gag, you know, for people like metal man."