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Badger God Campaign

Located in the middle province, lies the port town of Parsan. It has served as a port city connecting Gatin Island, featured more of a sparse continent than an island, has many ships that lead to other Middle Province towns: Elven Village ports in the Gensho forest, Epitar of Al-Nuraga desert, and finally, the most populated city in Middle Province, Argonia. Though with all these connected areas, few travel to this town at their own volition, often here out of duty or pilgrimage to make their way south to the other side of the island, Gatin town, and eventually to the Western Province, usually for mercantilist trade of foreign goods of the infamous Icanim, a race bent on technological growth causing pollution through the act of “burning”. This leaves the town of Parsan a lonely, quiet town, mostly of travelers passing by, with a minority of citizens who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Middle Province. Homes sinking into the ground. Find the badger god priestess (Semita, human priestess) and ask if sacrifices have been made Superstitious people exist in: “Symbol Tavern” You enter into a dark tavern, but along you find that it is covered along in blue candles. You find baubles of glass with rope surrounding, perfect for buoyes of the water and ships, or magic to those inclined. You see people with potion, herb, and drink in the blue darkness, a few stare at you as you come in, and simply dismiss without a second thought. [insert disposition of people here] Bartender is an unpossessed demon long done with adventuring. Finally hear about Semita, human priestess Head south downward from Parsan, look to the east for a canyon face, follow the canyon till you find the priestess. You find a priestess human who stands by the totem with an active candle who seems to be doing some sort of movement with her arms, bending down to her knees and praising and offering beads. She is covered with ribbons suitable for priestesses, as well as a coat of a honey badger around her shoulder, and a hat that contains a poofy fluff ball at the top dangling from a spring-like behaving stick. Sacrifices are made with apples to Puu-sar. Sacrifices have not been made for a very long time. Need to talk to farmers to find out why apples have not been provided. Find out why: Lack of food to make sacrifices with. Sharan the Apple Herder – farmer outside of Parsan Goblins took the apples most likely. Badger god priestess (Semita, human priestess) will provide a cart to pick up food stores after goblins have been killed. Go to Gatin Peak to fight groups of goblins to steal their food stores. Along the mountainside, towards the north of Gatin peak you are situated between two ridges of the mountain peering over above you, you can see that there is smoke out in the distance from where you are, it is currently nightfall. Can potentially befriend goblins to give away food stores for a task Go to top of Gatin peak and fight pack of wolves with werewolf overlord. Food problems continue for sacrifice. Alternative is to kill goblins and take food. Replace goblins of Gatin Peak with Parsan locals. Give sacrifices of food stores to badger god. (not in person) Badger god promises solidity of ground for human “cete” -badger’s home- Quest reward from badger god priestess (Semita, human priestess) Cetes Sinking – Badger God is False 1. Cetes are still sinking and people are freaking out thinking badger god is displeased 2. Talk to Semita the Badger Shaman who will know nothing 3. Citizen/someone will eventually tell them that they should talk to Shi-en the High Priest of Al-Nuraga City A ticket to Epitar is 30 lichen, or they can do a minor quest for the ticket master Quest: Find a special shell found northward off the path. (find giant crabs to fight) Samasen the Ticketmaster (male warrior high disposition with the party) Requests a shell in the northern tip of the island where you can find large abalone shells which are beautiful. You deliver an abalone shell on behalf of Samasen to give to his mentor, Jiisha the Haggardly Experienced. 15 Lichen for a trip from Epitar to Al Nuraga Go to the mainland in Al Nuraga city (must take path to Epitar, then to Al Nuraga City) and ask for high priest “Shi-en” Magi priest with 8 golden feathers, male. Level 5. Can find Shi-en in the library of magus, Magiian Prophecy You head to the other side of town looking around seeing delicious foods, lamb-like creatures cooked up and ready to go with white robes everywhere and fancy turbans, mage hats, and caps belonging to different tribes. You make your way into a large building with huge pillars and columns, some of the columns are even floating in place suspended by magus and even statues of olde reverence, some of the statues even floating through magus and crystals surrounding. You see these giant doors of many types including a single Totema who stands by the library. You enter a giant chamber of tapestry, books as high as you could see, shag rugs and even most scholars not even wearing any shoes at how fancy this place was. There are cubbies with shoes alongside the entryway as well as a few guards and scholars. Set up an appointment with Shi-en who will then see them when they set an appointment. You find Shi-en behind a large lectern and desk surrounded in books. The books are stacked higher than him. He holds scholarly robes and 8 golden feathers across his neck. He possesses a pair of spectacles that are specifically form fit for his strange face. He even has a scar over one of his eyes, clearly seeing adventures long past. “Adventurers coming for tidings, advice, perhaps mentorship, or sponsorship to attend the college. Here I have you all here. What is it I can help you with?” Magi will hand over a: Demon Runestone (t)(2K)(use demon runestone to identify demons with a piece of the creature) (if they sell it, they must turn over money back to Shi-en or trick shi-en it has been lost) Magi explains that badger god is false, a mere demon who has grown fat from worship. Adventurers must stop Puu-Sar and have the people worship true gods such as “May-she-i”. Yet Puu-sar is still very strong, level 9. Adventurers have the option of fighting Puu-sar or finding another way. Find another adventurer willing to take on the task for glory. Hire assassins Hire excommunicators. Also acceptable to try other methods that seem probable to the DM. Badger god is level 9 attuned, extremely difficult to kill if not impossible. Travel back to the Parsan Can travel to Gatin and speak to the king to appoint adventurers for glory. A trip from Epitar to Gatin is 15L per person 1st class ticket is 50L You see that there is a king who sits on his throne, a human by the name of Fiethard of Gatin, ruler of Gatin island. “Introducing his majesty, the benevolent, the mighty, ruler of Gatin Island and all of its inhabitants, good and evil, Fiethard of Gatin! Speak your presence adventurers stating name and profession!” The king: “I send my greatest mercenary, Urakhan, the undefeated. He should be plenty enough for any demon you find. Mind you he will only destroy this so-called demon, and report back to me. He is not under the command of you. Is this all you need?” Must talk to the badger god priestess (Semita, human priestess) to assist in summoning him. Must explain that the badger god is a demon, proven in runestones. Must get a piece of Puu-sar, priestess has none, but knows to find one at the totem. Find defender of the totem, a local of Parsan who believes and willing to defend Puu-sar (Jetaar, Parsan fighter, scaled to level of party) dual wielding scimitars. Jetaar: 2x strike (strike foe with scimitars dealing x damage then y damage) Flight (fly in the air 15 feet and jump down on foe within 10 blocks dealing x damage) Darts (throw darts at foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is poisoned dealing y poison damage) Smoke (create smokescreen in a 3x3 area, disappear to other area and anyone inside the smoke screen at the beginning of their turn takes x damage) Collect tuft of hair from Puu-sar After it is proven, badger god priestess summons Puu-sar who must be defeated by someone (level 9) Urakhan the Deathless: Urakhan stands up and looks upon Puu-sar with a moment of awe at how monstrous this demon had gotten over time. Yet unlike other demons, it has managed to change its form to fool the people of Parsan. Puu-sar peered at Urakhan and the adventurers and cackled at the presence of those willing to challenge it. For its power was so great, it couldn’t even imagine a challenge, even in the presence of Urakhan the Deathless. Urakhan, while in his awed state, quickly changed his demeanor in one from admiration into a scowled face. He heaved his giant sword from the ground, moving it with ease as if it was a reed of grass, despite the gargantuan blade being hundreds of pounds. He lunged upward toward Puu-sar, to where it reacted by slamming Urakhan to the ground with one of its clawed paws having enough force to bury Urakhan in a crater. Magic ebbed and flowed around the blow, Puu-sar teeming with a seemingly infinite well of energy. A blow such as this would have crushed any being, yet Urakhan, being deathless, had encountered deathblows like this before, in ages and story long forgotten. As soon as Puu-sar lifted its gargantuan paw from the crater, Urakhan got up and slashed a single, powerful, determined blow. The air seemed to move with the blade in an outward direction, a visible wave of leaves and the wind chopped through the air and stopped at Puu-sar’s gargantuan body. Within mere moments, black sludge sprayed out from visible wounds appearing. Yet only one blow was made, many cuts were seen, and those who witnessed it did not know how, as Unpossessed Demons are known to not know ways of magic. The demon screamed with teeth as big as Urakhan himself, attempting to deliver another blow against Urakhan, to where he blocked the blow with his giant blade, suitable as a shield as it was capable to slice through his enemies. Urakhan dug his blade deep into the soil for leverage, and the blow dragged Urakhan backward, yet remained steadfast in his stance. Urakhan got up, lifting his blade again and awaited another death bringing blow. Puu-sar took 3 of its arms, black sludge building around it and noxious spray filling the air, swinging down with all its might to end the deathless. Yet Urakhan, in another firm decisive blow, swung upward with his giant weapon. One of Puu-sar’s arms fell forward, lobbing free from the rest of Puu-sar’s body. It lifted its arms and screamed, black sludge pouring from its open wound, screaming, almost changing forms as it tried to cover wounds with its nearly infinite magical well of energy. In its attempt to lick its wounds clean through magical presence made from thousands of sacrifices over the cert, Urakhan lifted his blade gripping with one hand. His other hand rested on the flat of the blade itself to balance upward. Puu-sar stared back as the arm began to reform in front of the eyes of many. It looked with disdain at Urakhan, knowing that it could easily defeat a being not at the status of a god. Yet the blade suddenly lunged forward with a single direct toss at its gaping tooth-ridden maw. The blade sunk deep in the mouth and through the throat, directly through the innards of Puu-sar. Puu-sar didn’t scream. It didn’t writhe or squirm. It simply slumped forward, the magic pouring out of its body in the form of black sludge and spray; it fell face first into the grassy knoll. A sudden silence filled the air with birds chirping in the trees, grass whishing in the wind. The spray stopped, and the body coagulated and began dissolving. The air seemed a bit cleaner, and to the amazement of Semita, stared at a new Parsan. As the body of Puu-sar dissipated, the black sludge evaporated. The only items left were the spoils for Urakhan, and his giant blade now flat on destroyed grass. “It is done — and now I leave for the next souls needing one bound here forever. Goodbye adventurers, and hopefully we meet again on fortunate terms.” With that, Urakhan the Deathless moved with resolute motions toward the path on the west till he disappeared from sight. When Puu-sar is dead, the curse is lifted on the sinking grounds. Reward from Semita, human priestess. She takes you to the Lord of Parsan, Jage, Male Human, royalty. She presents you in front of the king, one who has no patience for anything other than matters of import, looks over in a bit of dismay to report on the homes sinking. “My lord I come and bring you these adventurers. These 4 have come on a long journey to find out the reason why the homes of your beautiful town have been sinking. With us all, we figured it was an issue with Puu-sar the badger god. Puu-sar, who had protection of home and cete has deceived us. We found, through the power of a demonic runestone, that Puu-sar was not a god, but in fact a demon who wished to allow Parsan to sink. I am certain the energy Puu-sar gathered was enough to do this. With Puu-sar gone, we can safely say that the homes will no longer sink for thousands of cert on. Yet we must find new gods to protect cete, or rather, human home.” “Is this true adventurers? Have you done this deed for me?” Jage, Lord of Parsan: “I bestow upon you a great title. Saviors of Parsan. People of these lands will recognize you with this, and favor your presence for saving their very way of lives. And I bestow upon you free travel from here on out to any port connected with Parsan, forever, so shall I decree and remain.”