In The Land of Niseb
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Continuing on your quest to hone in skills.

On Matrin Island in the city of Matrin. Male warrior(about 3'11, muscular, dual wields maces, wears light armor looking like it was made by the elves) went adventuring in a cave and had lost a book (is red with a iron clasp embroidery along it) of great value to him.  The book is a diary containing his travels and shipping logs in his merchanting.  Without it he won't be able to make any money.

go south in Matrin island and find a cave along the coast.  Adventurers go inside to find 4 bandits going off with the book in their clutches.  Adventurers chase Bandits.

if catch bandits before reach city:

fight on the coast.

if cant catch bandits they must go to an inn to see if they can find the 4 bandits through rumors. Once found:

Call totema and quest complete.

Fight to the death and take the book back.