In The Land of Niseb
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You wake up with no knowledge of your past. You have no idea how you got here, you see you are dressed, yet do not know where the clothes came from. They are tattered, your knees dirty with dust from sleeping on the ground for extended time.  You find yourself in one of the largest cities in Niseb.

The city of Vuuhkrai, is one of the largest hustle and bustle of mercantile, religious sects, homes both grandiose and meek.  There exists royalty which enables business to thrive due to philosophy bound in benevolence mixed with philosophic laissez-faire mindset.  Each significant area separated by walls extending near 100 feet from the ground.  Signs and well-paved mosaic-like pathways are abundant throughout many streets, extending outward in a web-like fashion enabling ease of transport through the city.  There you stand, by the famous fountain of Vuuhkrai possessing kings of olde, masters of magicks, and even an unknown to you, yet famous Magi statue standing tall amongst the greats possessing 10 feathers over the necklace proudly.

You are a peasent of no value with nothing but tattered clothes.
You have 3 choices.
	Visit Residences
		residences, guide them to go to a shop if they ask someone
	Visit Shops
		they ask around for a shop and whatever their combat style is, send them to that type of shop.
	Exit Vuuhkrai to the wilderness
		You are not allowed to leave Vuuhkrai until you have a weapon. Guards stop you for your safety.
After you find the weapon shop they see pity on you and want to help you with your first weapon. But you must go through combat.
	their responses will be dodge, then block over and over.  Their only option to beat this is to use a successful if/then statement of "if block, attack" or "if dodge, attack"
Success after.		
End of tutorial

Misi-sen was gulped by something (the lizard-frog)